Natural Honey from Best Raw Honey, Colorado Springs

Creating Best Raw Honey

We have alway strived to find the safest, healthiest food for ourselves and our family. In our search for natural, organic and healthy honey, we became more and more disappointed and frustrated in what we found. Studies have shown that most major store brand honey has had the pollen filtered out of it, has been overly heated, and has had other non-honey "fillers" added to it. We were even further disappointed when we found that even some "local" honey producers were purchasing cheap honey from elsewhere and repackaging it as their own honey.

With all of that in mind, we decided the only safe way to get good, local, raw honey was to have our own hive. We started with one hive and soon bought a second, which we split into a third. The honey we harvested later that first year was some of the most incredible, flavorful and high quality honey we had found. We extracted enough honey that year to also sell some to friends and co-workers, and the requests for more began rolling in.

Throughout this process, we developed a love for our bees, finding them to be some of the most fascinating and industrious creatures around. We also found that producing the best quality honey we could for others was very fulfilling, and we began increasing our number of hives in bee-yards around Colorado's Black Forest and along the Palmer Divide.

In satisfying our original quest, we vowed that we would never heat our honey, which kills the healthy enzymes and other contents, we would never process our honey other than a simple initial strainer to remove bits of wax, and we would never add anything to our honey. What we bottle and sell is exactly as the bees produced it in the hive. And, when we have sold what we extracted for the year, we are out until the next year. We will never repackage honey from elsewhere as our own. That is our promise to you!